A prebuilt intranet solution that will transform how your organisation captures, manages and reports on data, without needing IT and development resource.

Solving problems

Purpose-built to alleviate the pain that Councils and Local Government organisations often find themselves facing when it comes to data management, elementORG can help you manage:

  • Work health safety portfolio including the prebuilt risk(e) solution
  • Cemetery viewer – displaying existing data to your website
  • Ordering equipment
  • Evacuation reports
  • Work place self-assessments
  • Work place assessments
  • Staff onboarding register
  • Waste bin register
  • Green waste register
  • Roadworks schedules
  • Surveys…

…and so on!

Own your data

Stop wondering and start tracking exactly where your data goes and what happens at each point of its journey. elementORG will give you the ability to report and analyse the data captured in your existing systems in one solution.

  • Build displays to show financial data along beside development application, overlay data across google mapping – if you can think it we’re confident elementORG can do it.
  • Take any hard copy form or document that is used to capture or report information and convert quickly into a customised dynamic database and reporting system without specialist knowledge.
  • Make sure data is NEVER lost.
  • Don’t rely on us to build reports – you can do it yourself.

Free up your staff

Free up your staff so they can focus on making proactive decisions based on real, accurate data rather than retyping information into spreadsheets.

  • Give staff confidence in recording and reporting of information by building dynamic forms accessible on any device.
  • Forms are simple for staff to complete and the information is captured directly into the system. This means you can track and report on process as and when you need to.
  • Customise workflows and customise screens so it all makes sense to the user.

Empower your public

elementORG allows you to publish data to your public quickly and easily with searchable cemetery and development applications modules.

Empower your staff

elementORG plays nice with other systems. Add our reporting options to have accurate current financial data at your fingertips.

Start now

There is no need to buy new hardware or software to support elementORG, it has been designed to integrate into existing systems with ease.

Plus the prebuilt template format means it’s quick to implement. You won’t need additional resource as our team will work quickly and closely with you so your organisation is up and running within days, not months.


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